Eight agricultural companies will work together on ‘Inboeren in Middag-Humsterland’. With the project, the farmers want to portray the life and work of farmers in the area in a positive way and promote the unique landscape. Moreover, it strengthens the cooperation between farmers and with tourist entrepreneurs. The farmers who unite in an association receive a contribution from the Province of Groningen and from the European Union.  

Show company
The agricultural companies see an important role for themselves in promoting the National Landscape of Middag-Humsterland. At least as important they think it is to show the function of their agricultural companies within the unique landscape. Under the title “Farmers in Midday Humsterland”, farmers introduce tourists and recreationists to the National Landscape, their own farms and the way they do their work in Middag-Humsterland.

Visitors help farmers
The farmers offer the tourists a dynamic program of one or more days with educational and active activities. Depending on the demand from the public and current developments among the farmers and the tourist entrepreneurs, it is set up alternately. Elements of an arrangement can be: help with the mucking out of the barn, feeding the cows, a demonstration of a modern milking robot or helping to dredge a ditch. For the transport of visitors, the initiators have set their sights on a special means of transport that is preferably environmentally friendly and at the same time can serve as a special promotional tool.

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rack for network With ‘Farmer in Midday-Humsterland’, farmers do not just want to promote the landscape and their businesses. The project forms an important pillar for them for a network of cooperating agricultural companies and cooperation between agricultural companies and other sectors (in particular recreational and tourism). Within this network, knowledge and experience are exchanged and new products are developed.

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