Eight farms and one recreational farm will launch a new and innovative product on Wednesday 27 April: Boer’n Business. Boer’n Business is the new and original concept for knowledge exchange between farmers and businesses.

Nowadays farmers are different entrepreneurs than before. They are managers who, with a passion for their profession, focus on cost savings, efficiency, quality, profitability and innovation. They are constantly looking for innovative solutions, strengthening the economic carriers, and contacts within and outside of their own sector.

Boer’n Business
With Boer’n Business, the nine (farmers) companies are targeting a new target group of customers: the business market. Boer’n Business is a special recreation program in the form of a company outing, company visit or team building session.

On Wednesday 27 April, Boer’n Business will be officially opened. During the opening, the website www.boernbusiness.nl will be launched and some farmers will explain why they are enthusiastic about the cooperation.

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The opening will take place from 14.00 to 16.00 at the Hayema Heerd, Jensemaweg 3 in Oldehove. Those interested are very welcome. You can register via info@boernbusiness.nl, T (050) 4030930 or M 06 41261230 (Wil Hoogeboom from Hayema Heerd).