Over the next two years, 57 monumental farmyards in Middag Humsterland will be refurbished. Landschapsbeheer Groningen will support owners of characteristic farmyards in the restoration and conservation.

In the open landscape of Middag-Humsterland the farmyards as ‘green islands’ contribute to the identity of the area. The farmyards are also important for nature. In the open landscape that is used intensively for agriculture, farmyards are often the only place where birds and small mammals can nest and live.

Overdue maintenance
Many farmyards have to deal with overdue maintenance. As a result, specific elements of the heirs are lost such as orchards, canals, heavy girth plantations, driveways, bushes, overhangs, and solitary trees. New elements on the farm yard are not always well fitted, which has reduced the quality of the landscape.

Project Recovery Boerenerven
Landschapsbeheer Groningen is committed to maintaining these characteristic monuments in the period 2011 – 2013. For the restoration of the 57 farmyards, an amount of € 450,345 has been allocated. The Province of Groningen finances the project with € 134,300.

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Owners of farmers who are interested in restoring their farmyard can contact  Landschapsbeheer Groningen.